Harold “The Head”

harold the head daily mobster sketchbookjack

Harold “The Head”

This is Harold. We don’t talk about his head.

He doesn’t wear hats.

I mean, his hair is even having trouble holding on for dear life.

He has a second mattress for a pillow.

He is deathly afraid of billiard halls.

The Aztecs pray to him for blotting out the sun.

You’d think he would be the brains behind the operation,

or maybe keep the books.  No, that’s not what he does.

Harold is the distraction.

He keeps those coppers busy.

(An Illustration Friday Special for the “Round” theme)

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6 responses to “Harold “The Head”

  1. Rod

    Haha! Good..I like Harolds face (head)…good story!

  2. Hah! I love these. Poor Harold and the billiard halls.

  3. Thanks guys for the support 😀

  4. I envy your work , regards for all the great blog posts.

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