“Snappy” Walker

“Snappy” Walker

Snappy, Snaps, Snapper, Snap whatever you call him,

certainly snaps a lot.  I mean a lot, like obsessively.

He once tricked the enemy mob to think he had a machine gun.

He can do a four finger snap, double quick snap, one hand clap,

eight finger snap, and even the toe snap.

Snappy also thinks he is a snappy dresser, but with those

shoulder pads I would dare to call him Tacky Walker.

His hair is so greased, hats slip off.

Everything he does is punctuated with a snap, so

be prepared for one liners, two liners, the two step,

and the commonplace two face remark.

Oh Snap!

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2 responses to ““Snappy” Walker

  1. rICHIE

    Snap, crackle, pop

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