Twirly Tammy


Twirly Tammy

That’s just lovely, lovey.

Like totally Mister, I love, love, love that picture.

You, know the one, like, with that guy who falls in love

with that curly-haired girl.  It’s so super cute.

I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to buy me a drink.

I will totally pretend to like love it, even if it’s nasty.

Do you think my hair looks cute tonight?

What about my dress, it’s totally me, isn’t it?

Tell me something smart that will, like, totally make

my mind boggle.  But not too much, I just ate,

only a little though, just half a muffin.

Did I ask you if you like my hair? Cute, huh?

Another Illustration Friday Special for the theme: “Twirl”

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6 responses to “Twirly Tammy

  1. great character – very expressive

  2. Great lines and period detail. Love the personality. Hey, that wallpaper looks familiar (and is still cool!)

  3. Great drawing – love your blog

  4. Ana

    She is kind of annoying but loveable at the same time 🙂
    You did a great job showing us her personality, I like it a lot.

  5. Thanks guys for all the comments! Ana, yes she is a little annoying, but we love her just the same 😉

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