Sylvia “Shoulders” Smithe


Sylvia “Shoulders” Smithe

Oh, Sylvia, Darling.

Sylvia gives a new meaning to the term, “Broad.”

She always has to wear shoulder-less, strapless outfits.

I have heard of stepping into a dress to fit, but she

sometimes has to wear it upside down.

Sylvia always has a cold shoulder.

The boys try to warm her up and offer their jackets,

but she won’t fit.

She is very specific about where she goes on dates;

it can’t be anywhere that will be shoulder to shoulder.

That can be a bit tricky with her.

One thing is for sure, though, Sylvia would be a great

shoulder to cry on for someone….or several someones.

But enough about her shoulders, she is just trying to

find a good guy that would be a great match,

you know, someone shaped like a pyramid.

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4 responses to “Sylvia “Shoulders” Smithe

  1. Very cool sketch, and I dig the commentary as well– nice!

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