Sue Spence


Sue Spence

“Shh,” she says softly.

Snappy suspenders skillfully suspend Sue Spence.

Secretly, she steals someone’s stuff.

Sue Spence swipes. Sue snatches.

Sue scrounges.  Sue sacks.

Surprisingly, six savvy spies squandered

six seasons surveying Sue’s semblance.

Sue sidestepped seven strapping soldiers.

She skirted sixteen slick, sly sleuths.

Surveying several surrounding suburbs,

Sue swings, seamlessly, scouting susceptible suckers.

Such suspense!

Thank you, Illustration Friday for the wonderful idea: “Suspense”

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14 responses to “Sue Spence

  1. wow…only you word play alone is great but with the illustration with it …it is absolutely great!!

  2. I love so much your idea and character!! wow!!

  3. Nice wallpaper 🙂 What I really like is the simple technique you form your character. Nice!

  4. Superbly superior selection! Slainté!

  5. what a cool character, image and story!!! Here’s to sue 🙂

  6. Haha.. this is awesome! The wording is genius and the illustration is really fun. She seems very organized – labeling her loot bag and all.. 🙂

  7. Great character, and clever at that! I also love the wallpaper!

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