The Mayor


The Mayor

Oh, what a following you have!

You just keep getting reelected no matter who competes.

It’s almost like they just disappear off the face of the planet.

You must be so very popular, and completely unmatched.

Or at least your wallet is.

Mr. Mayor, Mr. Mayor, what about the past

twenty seven mobsters that have run amok in Blogtown?

Won’t you do anything?

Oh yes, I forget, they made you mayor in the first place.

Silly me, you are popular.

Inspired by Illustration Friday’s topic : “Popularity”

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11 responses to “The Mayor

  1. Nice pose. Appealing character!

  2. I’m still wondering if you’ll make a book of these? I’d nearly say a children’s book. Might seem odd but the art and poetry are fun, and despite being ‘dark’ in subject, kids LIKE that sort of thing… Anyhoo, if I had any money to spare I’d request two photobooks at the least, one for my niece and one for my future ‘niece.’

    • Wow, such a compliment. I am actually toying with the idea. I want to get “The Island and the Plough” out the door first, but I figured I might hit major milestones with a publish like every 50 or something. But I agree, it would be fun to have these collected in print form 😀 You will certainly be first to know on the outcome.

      • Thank you! I hope, in a way, you take your time as I’m sooo broke but still want!!! and not even for me 🙂 I can feel the fun you have with these – please continue pressure-free!

  3. Another great character. Terrific line work and details with the hands and face.

  4. colleen80

    Great work and poem! I love this idea of a daily mobster drawing! Very original!

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