The Milkman


The Milkman

Make sure to leave your empty bottles on the step,

or he will have to make a special, second visit.

Oh, and you butter rinse out them bottles, will ya, please?

Don’t fret with that old saying about running away with the milkman.

No running will be involved; he only drags people away.

His English is, how do you say, not so good.

I think he might be from MosCow.

Make sure you get plenty of fluids, and drink all that he leaves,

or there will be tears cried over spilled milk.

In fact, you might be buried in dirt pasteurize.

I don’t know if this milkman works for the mob,

but he sure ain’t like the udder ones.

(For Illustration Friday: “Fluid”)

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10 responses to “The Milkman

  1. I like your zany satirical style.

  2. Very Gorey-esque drawing. Great!

  3. Love the puns (of course)! I think The Milkman is one of your scariest characters, too. I’ll stick to beer, thanks!

  4. Ah, another great character – the sinister milkman! Love all your line work. Wait, I always say that. Um. Very nice!

  5. Oh he is to die for! Very funny poem. I love your dark humor!

    Made me think of a tune sung by Fat’s Waller called “My Very Good Friend the Milkman”.

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