“Smoggy” Al Crocker


“Smoggy” Al Crocker

Cough, cough, wheeze wheeze,

oh such relief and ease.

Off to the chop shop we go!

Need a new license plate, let us know.

Want a few numbers filed off your vin?

Sure, no problem, come on in.

Need your trunk recovered and new?

Pull on up, drive on through.

Want a few thousand miles on the old meter back?

Bring it on over, we’ll take a crack.

No fuss, no hassle, no fret, no haggle.

If you do you might get strangled

And don’t complain about the stench,

or you might get clonked with a wrench

Sniff, sniff, hack hack.

Thanks for coming, don’t come back.

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Illustration, Design & Visual Magic

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