Detective Burkes

the daily mobster rumpled detective burkes character design illustration cop private eye cartoon

Detective Burkes

Lament the story of Detective Burkes.

Long hours in the field and behind the desk.

Prickly puzzles loom, unsolved cases grow,

yet on, he moves to close them one by one.

Burkes solved the case of the burned post office.

He spent days getting out of the blackmail.

The man who was shot with no entry wounds,

was finally solved as an inside job.

A donut or three and cups of coffee

help him persist when others are asleep.

“Save us!” they all yell, when troubles arise.

Then Pig, Scum and Bacon, spitefully spewed.

The poor, the beaten yet so gallant knight,

a brave, lone sailor in a sea of corrupt.

The rumpled detective, a dying breed,

humble silent solver, Detective Burkes.

For Illustration Friday’s “Puzzle”

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12 responses to “Detective Burkes

  1. Oh, the groaning over ‘blackmail’! Oooooggghhh… Love it! He looks properly sad and serious, too. Aniffy looks like those doughnuts aren’t doing him any favours 🙂

  2. Poor guy! He does look rather worn down. Nice line about the inside job! Ha! Another great character for sure.

  3. Perfect character for this IF theme. Good job entering it!

  4. Great character! Love your use of light & the black & white really contributes to the overall feel of a portrait of a cop.

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