Sylvia “Shoulders” Smithe


Sylvia “Shoulders” Smithe

Oh, Sylvia, Darling.

Sylvia gives a new meaning to the term, “Broad.”

She always has to wear shoulder-less, strapless outfits.

I have heard of stepping into a dress to fit, but she

sometimes has to wear it upside down.

Sylvia always has a cold shoulder.

The boys try to warm her up and offer their jackets,

but she won’t fit.

She is very specific about where she goes on dates;

it can’t be anywhere that will be shoulder to shoulder.

That can be a bit tricky with her.

One thing is for sure, though, Sylvia would be a great

shoulder to cry on for someone….or several someones.

But enough about her shoulders, she is just trying to

find a good guy that would be a great match,

you know, someone shaped like a pyramid.

Twirly Tammy


Twirly Tammy

That’s just lovely, lovey.

Like totally Mister, I love, love, love that picture.

You, know the one, like, with that guy who falls in love

with that curly-haired girl.  It’s so super cute.

I wouldn’t mind if you wanted to buy me a drink.

I will totally pretend to like love it, even if it’s nasty.

Do you think my hair looks cute tonight?

What about my dress, it’s totally me, isn’t it?

Tell me something smart that will, like, totally make

my mind boggle.  But not too much, I just ate,

only a little though, just half a muffin.

Did I ask you if you like my hair? Cute, huh?

Another Illustration Friday Special for the theme: “Twirl”

“Left” & “Right” Morgain


Lucy “Left” & Rita “Right” Morgain

Just as promised, Mad Ma’s girls made an appearance.

Notice I said “children” in Ma’s profile;

I didn’t want to scare you.

Do you have a thread and needle?  Because they’re ripped.

Their favorite exercises are curls.

Lucy and Rita are twins.

Lucy is younger by just twelve seconds, only because she

got clothes-lined by Rita in the race to be first.

Ma was hoping for boys so she could have

personal bodyguards, but I think she lucked out.

As soon as Ma gives the word, they do the dirty work.

Rita and Lucy keep getting arrested, you know…for those guns.

Mad Ma Morgain


Mad Ma Morgain

Watch out now.  Hide your hard candies and

turn up the volume on the radio.

Mad Ma Morgain is back in town and this time

her hair pins are in extra tight and

she brought her children, better known as

her left and right arms.

If we’re lucky we’ll get a look at “Left & Right”

She just gives the nod and it shall be done.

If that doesn’t work, she knows how to

make your life miserable behind the scenes.

So make sure you put out the blue sugar packets

and the jam better be seedless or you just

might end up on the brass end of her cane.

Madame Fox

madame fox sketchbookjack daily mobster

Madame Fox

Madame Fox is the queen of the flappers.

Things just might flap that you would rather not.

The Madame wears fox fur, but they aren’t dead.

She loves animals too much to kill them

so she forces them to lay around her neck.

They eat with her, it’s quite a sight.

She had a few run ins with them though, considering

the back of her neck looks like a pack of hot dogs.

Madame Fox likes to dance but she makes records skip.

She goes to the nightclub, but makes the band skip.

Madame Fox is the queen, she owns this town.

Edna “The Hump” Malone

edna the hump malone daily mobster sketchbookjack

Edna “The Hump” Malone

Edna is a looker, that’s for sure.

She can smoke fourteen cigarettes at a time.

A waiter once tried to put his tray on her back and

asked a busboy to help push her against a two top.

Edna has a sharp side, as if you couldn’t tell.

Maybe I should say a round side.

She packs a mean left hook,

and quite possibly a backpack under that dress.

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