Candy Cane Jane

daily mobster character illustration candy cane jane lady victorian hat stripes bow

Jane “Candy” Cane

(In the cautionary style of Rod Serling)

Sweet and sassy is lovely Mrs. Cane.

She lives with “The Candyman” on Candy Cane Lane.

Dressed to the nines in her striped bow and hat,

but quieter than an alley cat and slyer than a rat.

Strolling round town, like she hasn’t a care

then off to her house, “visitor beware.”

The windows are pink and the doors are all white,

but don’t let the paint cover up the dark fright.

All of the rooflines are deckled and shaped,

seems no one goes in who has ever escaped.

The warm glowing lights are a dainty facade,

for this “sweet” couple is terrible odd.

Some say they’re mobsters, and others say it not,

I’d suggest stay away, whatever you thought.

Sammy “Santa The Sneak”


Sammy “Santa The Sneak”

Twas the night before Christmas and in every home

crept and long lanky santa who would lurk and would roam.

His beard was just dangled from his ears by some string

in hopes no alarm would chime or would ring.

In one hand a crowbar to pry and to pop

and a sack to nab, to steal and to “shop”.

Down through the chimney Sammy slips and would slide

and out through the door with pride in his stride.

On latches, on locks, on alarms and on chains

or naught will be left of the Christmas remains.

Families and children will ask, “But Why?”

Oh Sammy Santa, what a terrible guy.

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