Baby Face Morten


Baby Face Morten

Let’s try and make a long story short.

Yeah, yeah, he’s knows he looks like a kid.

Don’t think you are the first to call him a baby,

short stuff, chubby cheeks, or any of that.

Yes, he is the last person to know that it is raining.

He’s got a feisty attitude and a chip on his shoulder.

He’s got a short temper because he is short on cash.

I think it’s fairly obvious that he has something to prove.

One good thing is that he doesn’t hold grudges because

he has a short memory.

I would make a wager that you can’t guess his real age.

I am sure you would probably come up…


“Newsie” Neil


“Newsie” Neil

Extra! Extra! Read all about it,

too much news for me to stand and shout it!

Scandals in politics, murders and crimes,

get it right here, this issue of the Times!

Mob bosses droppin’, the suspect’s still alive,

read all about it, right here on page five!

Comics and funnies, in full color print,

two full pages, worth your every cent!

Want ads are posting, classifieds abound,

hurry, get’m fast, not enough to go around!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it.

Hot pressed news and you won’t ever doubt it!

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