“The Wall”


“The Wall”

Ain’t no getting through this guy.

He’s the best bodyguard anyone has ever had

and he doesn’t even have to do anything, just stand there.

I have no idea where he buys his threads,

they must sew two bed sheets together.

If he is first in line at the coat check,

they close down after he leaves.

The boss once demanded to borrow his coat as a car cover.

The local tailor is the only person who knows his real name.

It’s loads of laughs watching him in a revolving door,

or an elevator, or getting in and out of cars.

But don’t laugh too loud; although those activities might

be hard for him to do, it is not that hard for him to get rid of you.

In fact, all he has to do is step in front of you.

Quincy Pid


Quincy Pid

Q. Pid seems to think he is a living incarnation of Eros.

He is either a complete genius for rigging up a Tommy gun

to fire handmade, custom carved, golden arrows or

Quincy is completely crazy for attempting to fly by

the wings of his bowler hat while leaping off buildings.

Today is his day, or at least he will try to make his day.

Keep an eye on the skies for chubby, flying, arrow-shooting UFOs.

Quincy is trying to give a new meaning to

the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre.

He has got plenty to go around, so whether you

want one or not, he’s coming for you.

Expect to hear about Q in the morning paper,

for what, is yet to be seen.

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