Judge Atticus

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Judge Atticus

(In the style of Jeremy Irons)

Oh, Judge Atticus, appointed for life.

Must be nice to be free from strife.

Trials in and trials out,

you seemingly judge without a doubt.

But we wonder why mob bosses run free.

Could it be, you’ve taken a fee?

Even when couples come to court to be hitched,

it seems as though you become more enriched.

The gavel comes down on a poor man, blamed.

Yet everyone knows that he’s surely been framed.

They say justice should be objective and blind.

The latter is covered, with glasses of that kind.

But the scales you carry do not weigh facts.

They weigh something green, let’s call it a “tax.”

For Illustration Friday‘s: “Hitched”

The Mayor


The Mayor

Oh, what a following you have!

You just keep getting reelected no matter who competes.

It’s almost like they just disappear off the face of the planet.

You must be so very popular, and completely unmatched.

Or at least your wallet is.

Mr. Mayor, Mr. Mayor, what about the past

twenty seven mobsters that have run amok in Blogtown?

Won’t you do anything?

Oh yes, I forget, they made you mayor in the first place.

Silly me, you are popular.

Inspired by Illustration Friday’s topic : “Popularity”

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