Guest Artist: Eduardo Vieira

We are excited to feature the amazing work of Eduardo Vieira on The Daily Mobster. He has generously supplied more than one mobster of his own design, so stay tuned for the continuing story that unfolds between his characters. If you haven’t found him already be sure to find him on Instagram, Blogger, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter.



The king, the boss, Don of the east end.

He’s a devil in disguise, and no one’s friend.

Nothing gets by him; everyone gets harassed,

Duke’s not someone to meet at breakfast.

He does what he wants and takes what he needs,

nearly the whole town is down on their knees.

There is one person that stands in his path,

Smiley Carlo, fights back to his wrath.

No need to be a genius, see what Duke wants most:

Wipe Carlo off the map of the east side coast.

Back and forth, the two wage war,

Gaining territory, door by door.

Illustration and story idea by Eduardo Vieira

Writing/Rhyming by The Daily Mobster





Larry likes to claim that he is, in fact,

the Queen of Bulgaria, except on Mondays.

If it is a Monday, then he is Braagar from Neptune.

Some have said he has a brother, Harry,

but he has also claimed to actually be Harry.

This makes me wonder if Harry even exists or is

just a pile of Larry’s clothes.

He claims he has the Midas touch, which,

well, is more than obviously not true.

I like Larry, he is a joyful character.

He was picked up last week for conspiring to

rob a bank but I think he was just confused

asking the bank teller to “put the greens in the bag.”

and telling the grocer “I’d like to make a withdrawal.”

As far as conspiring, that might just be those voices again.



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