Papa Razzi


Papa Razzi

Crack, Bang, Pop, goes the flash.
Click and Snap, goes the shutter.

Papa Razzi has got everything on camera
so be careful, and watch what you do.

He actually took this photo of himself with
the camera he is holding, tricky huh?

He took a really great shot of twins.
It was a double exposure.

He once caught Cinderella in the film shop.
She is still waiting for her prints to come.

Papa hides and sets his focus set on the mob,
but he is pretty careful not to be over exposed.

Sometimes they chase him but he is fast.
Papa has hot shoes.

I shutter to think if they caught him.
They would probably drag him off to some dark room.

He’s getting pretty old, but he will never die.
Not to be a negative, but Papa will just fade away.

“Ink” McGillicutty


“Ink” McGillicutty

Some have said she is a real pinup girl.

The one, inspired men around the world

to paint on planes and tanks, and post on walls.

She seems to be the gal that gets the calls.

For ink, it runs so deeply on her skin,

but does it show what truly lies within?

A serpent crawls, a lion calls, you see

and anchors all about, just like the sea.

They all say she is quite a mystery.

For no one seems to know her history.

But there is no need to ask, spy, or think,

it all is written plainly down in ink.

Many suspect that each confess a crime.

No cases were made, and she served no time.

She’ll be with a man, in town, wearing mink,

next day, he’s gone, and she is freshly inked.

The Bowler


The Bowler

No one knows who he works for or what he does.

“The Bowler” has been seen walking down allies at night.

He was last seen in a bowler hat, bowling shoes,

a black suit, polka dot tie, and carrying two bowling balls.

Maybe he carries a second one as a spare?

There has been a rash of vandalism in the area,

mostly “downed gutters” reported.

Houses with the address 710 have been split in half!

Houses numbered 300 have reported

“random acts of fine gardening”

and “gold rings left upon doorsteps.”

He has no record so we can’t call foul,

but let’s call this one a strike.

Big Ben Walker


Big Ben Walker

Big Ben Walker is a man of a man,

big as a bull, and a fan of pecans.

Loves mama’s own cooking, and eats a whole pie,

a big sweet heart that wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Got them tractors and plows, for potatoes and corn,

working real hard from the light of the morn’.

Big Ben Walker is a man of man,

does strong arm liftin’ more than anyone can.

Got a big mean mouth, but a soft kind stare,

he’s as big as a horse, but just a big soft bear.

Don’t get me wrong, see he ain’t no chump,

cross him wrong, and a clunk, clank, bump.

I know I said he was a nice, sweet guy,

but I only said, he wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Big Ben Walker is a man of a man,

big as a bull, and a fan of pecans.

“Lucky” Greene

Happy Early St. Patrick’s Day.


“Lucky” Greene

The given name to “Lucky” was Chance.

Ironic, consider his finance.

He rolls out the dice,

the house pays the price,

And “Lucky” does a jig of a dance.

It’s strange “Lucky” is his nick name.

As luck did not for his fame.

It’s just in logistics,

he figures statistics,

and magically wins every game.

“Lucky” ran, left his winnings behind,

But what made him change up his mind?

The house took no loss,

he was caught by the Boss,

for playing his five of a kind.

Agatha Finch


Agatha Finch

Slow, Yield, Stop!

Swell, even the traffic is paid off.

Westbound gets privileges over Southbound.

Eastbound just has to wait for everyone.

Twenty clams for a right turn,

your first born child for a left.

Only a sap would think to mention a U-turn.

Agatha directs traffic at 3rd and Broadway,

only the most jumpin’ part of town.

It’s more like a tollbooth than it is an intersection.

Someone gets a little bit of authority

and it takes you seven right turns to make a left.

She used to work at the State Street bridge but

if people didn’t pay, up went the bridge as they crossed.

They nick named her the Bridge Troll.

So, need I say it again:

Slow, Yield, Stop!

(For Illustration Friday: “Yield”)





Larry likes to claim that he is, in fact,

the Queen of Bulgaria, except on Mondays.

If it is a Monday, then he is Braagar from Neptune.

Some have said he has a brother, Harry,

but he has also claimed to actually be Harry.

This makes me wonder if Harry even exists or is

just a pile of Larry’s clothes.

He claims he has the Midas touch, which,

well, is more than obviously not true.

I like Larry, he is a joyful character.

He was picked up last week for conspiring to

rob a bank but I think he was just confused

asking the bank teller to “put the greens in the bag.”

and telling the grocer “I’d like to make a withdrawal.”

As far as conspiring, that might just be those voices again.






This is Harry.

He is enormous and well, hairy.

He stands guard down at the Pier Street warehouse.

I am not even sure he is real.

He never moves.

Maybe it is just an elaborate bird nest?

Perhaps, a collection of old fur coats?

Did a bison wander through town, stop, and die?

To be honest, I don’t really know.

All I know is that I am not going to find out.

Hairy Harry, quite contrary.

I will let him guard that warehouse,

even if it is just a coat rack.

Baby Face Morten


Baby Face Morten

Let’s try and make a long story short.

Yeah, yeah, he’s knows he looks like a kid.

Don’t think you are the first to call him a baby,

short stuff, chubby cheeks, or any of that.

Yes, he is the last person to know that it is raining.

He’s got a feisty attitude and a chip on his shoulder.

He’s got a short temper because he is short on cash.

I think it’s fairly obvious that he has something to prove.

One good thing is that he doesn’t hold grudges because

he has a short memory.

I would make a wager that you can’t guess his real age.

I am sure you would probably come up…


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